The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


Victor Barinov

Key work areas: Relationships, Self-esteem


II advise clients in a person-centered approach in the humanistic direction of psychotherapy. I am a member of the K. Rogers Society of Person-Centered Approach.
My principles at work:
1. I consider a person as the highest meaning of life.
2. I inspire, support and accompany on the way to the goal of every client who comes to me on personal, family and work issues.
3. I am sure that within each of us there are already answers to the questions with which we are tormented. My task as a psychologist is to help find them.

During my practice, I have successfully worked with cases such as:
- low self-esteem, depreciation by parents/partner/boss,
- problems in a relationship with a partner,
- loss of meaning in life, low motivation for activity, personal crisis,
- emotional burnout,
- postnatal depression,
- adaptation in society, after relocation in a new country, at a new job.


Sergey Karmazin

Hi! I have a diploma in psychology and I have been practicing for 6 years. If you would like to understand yourself better and change your life - I'm ready to help! LGBT+ friendly (I have quite a big experience with such clients).


Key working areas are relationships, self-acceptance and self-esteem issues.


Kseniya Chubko

If you feel down and trapped in a rat race you don’t have the strength to make your life adorable for yourself. If you are not happy in a relationship and you feel lonely. Than welcome to my consultations. I am inviting you to make friend with yourself by my sensitive attention. I will give you a hand to go through a long way of healing your lasting and painful childhood traumas. You will find new ways to rely on your inner resources, so you can thrive individually and in relationships. I guarantee privacy and careful attitude.
My work includes Gestalt therapy and my favorite tasks are:
- Death of a loved one
- Separation of parental figures
- Sustainable and warm relationship
- Assistance to entry family and identity crisis