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The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


Elena Bazunova

I am a Gestalt-therapist, and I will eagerly help you to address your problems and challenges. You are welcome.

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Marjan Teylor

I’m specialising on childhood trauma, self-acceptance, self-esteem, and anxiety. I will be glad to help you to investigate yourself and guide you along the path of healing from trauma.


Olga Tsytserova

My primary approach is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It helps individuals to engage in what truly matters while acknowledging complex emotions and thoughts that inevitably arise.

The core value in therapy for me is the attention to the person. I strive to ensure that there is always a genuine human connection, interest, and acknowledgment behind all techniques and approaches. From there, we collaboratively explore how to navigate the circumstances at hand.

I believe that I maintain a balance between empathy and structure in therapy. I aim for the process to be supportive and safe and lead to moving towards the life you wish to live.

You can reach out to me for assistance with:
❤︎ Anxiety
❤︎ Disordered eating and body image issues
❤︎ Depressive states
❤︎ ADHD in adults (challenges with attention, procrastination, establishing routines)
❤︎ Coping with emotionally complex or stressful situations (such as immigration, job changes, job loss, loss of a loved one, divorce, chronic illness diagnosis)
❤︎ Burnout. Understanding this state and why it's challenging to work productively.
❤︎ Boundary issues (difficulty asserting personal boundaries, often prioritizing others' desires and opinions over your own)
❤︎ Reevaluating your relationship with life, self, and others
❤︎ Self-acceptance struggles and low self-esteem.
❤︎ Relationship difficulties (with partners, family, friends, colleagues)


Ekaterina Svetashkova

I work with the following requests: difficulties in a relationship, self-acceptance and self-esteem, emotional lability, apathy, anxiety and depression. I also have experience in supporting a person during gender transition and counselling in an LGBT organization. I will be glad to help you understand the various shades of your emotions and experiences and find the path that feels right for you.

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