The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


My name is Dina. I’m a Gestalt therapist. In my work, I use methods from CBT, body-oriented therapy, and psychodrama. You can read more about my work below.

From 2011 to present, I mostly work online.


What will you gain from working with me?

Before each session, I attune myself to the client and consider what they might need in this specific moment in time. It can be anything: better awareness, new insights, completely new solutions, accelerated recovery, changes in their close relationships, or help in a difficult situation. The issues might range from very simple ones (for example, “I

hate it when people chew loudly”) to the ones completely changing the meaning of the client’s life (“I’m not a function! I’m a human being!”)


How will you see the results?

When you’re content with either the process or the conclusion of our work. We’ll aim for you to feel clarity and accomplishment and when the session ends with an open question, since a good question in the end can be a catalyst for necessary processes.

Dina Davletgareeva


Key work areas: Partner relationships; Career and finances; Goals and motivation


I’m a clinical psychologist trained in the Gestalt approach.

I specialize in supporting my clients in transitional or critical periods, and helping them to build partner relationships in their personal and professional lives.


If you feel that all your efforts are useless and all your usual strategies don’t pay off, and your energy is sapped more and more every day, it might be a sign that you’re at a critical moment in your life, and you’re ready to begin a new chapter.

My task is to carefully support you in such complicated moments, and to help you deal with your most intense feelings safely. After this work is done, you’ll be able to look for the new meaning and to build a life you really want.

Ilona Akhmetgaryaeva


Key work areas: Fears, anxieties, phobias; Bipolar disorder; Aggression



Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, psycholinguistics

Graduated from the art therapy course in Psychological Institute of Modern Technologies in Moscow in 2018

Currently finishing my clinical therapy studies.


I work as a multimodal therapist, as an art therapist, and as a CBT-oriented therapist.

Efremova Marina

FullSizeRender-28-08-19-05-27 (1).jpg

Key work areas: Partner relationships; Finances and career; Existential issues: death, loneliness, the meaning of life.

I also work with oncological patients and their relatives.



I see the meaning of our work together in creating a space where you can freely express your feelings and thoughts, safely explore your personality, be supported, and find answers to your questions.


I will work with you on the following issues:

- Relationships (with a partner, with your parents, within your professional sphere)

- Living through personal crisis and loneliness

- Grief, loss, sickness

- Professional development and career building issues.

Anastasia Yastrebova


Key work areas: Depression, Separation and relationship termination, Goals and motivations


I work within the multiprofile approach based on transactional analysis. I am constantly learning, expanding my knowledge, and honing my work tools. Each and every client for me is a unique story of a life lived, of feelings, and of joys and changes.

Alena Belolapotkova

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