The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


Alina Ladovich

Psychologist, I have all the necessary diplomas to work with children and adults. Author of scientific publications on child psychology.
I have been actively working with clients since 2017.

Topics: Child-parent relations (work with adults), Relationships, Sexuality

I think that I am not a perfect psychologist, but this gives the client the opportunity to manifest freely during the sessions. With me you can not be afraid to cry, not be ashamed of failures, do not blush from the spoken mat.

I lived in America, Asia, now I live in Moscow - every move is associated with adaptation to new conditions, which requires flexibility in behavior and thinking. Many years of personal psychotherapy allowed me to process this experience into a solid foundation on which I can rely during my work.
I have a lot of warmth and empathy, and I take great interest in each client story. I am not working fast - I do not promise any radical changes in a couple of sessions, but it will be done with care and respect for your psyche.

What can you contact me with:
- I want to change my husband / child / boss
- I want some changes in my life, but it is not very clear what exactly I want to change
- Everytime I feel so down, life is dull, nothing pleases
- the child annoys me, it is not clear what he needs
- I want to have a relationship, but it is not clear where to have a look for the partner and whom I need
- the current relationship is full of chagrin
- difficulties in clarifying sexual orientation
- sick of work, but money is needed
- moving to another country (how to adapt and not lose yourself)

I have mastered various methods of work, which means that for each complexity I will try to choose what works best.

If what I wrote about myself resonates with you, I invite you to contact me.


Olga Mostovaya

My all life I’ve been interested in the magic of Human Relationships. I simply love people and believe that each one of us has ability to uncover his true potential which leads to a life that’s worth celebrating.

My journey as a psychotherapist began more than 15 years ago. And one of the privileges of my career has been to work with people from different cultures. It brought more awareness and acceptance into my inner world and by consequence into the relationships with others.

My education occurred both in the United States (NYU) and in the Ukraine (KNU) therefore I’m bilingual (English, Russian) and feel comfortable using both languages in my practice. The Humanistic Psychology (Gestalt Therapy) trained me to focus on the authenticity of the personal relationship which, in turn, provides the best environment for growth.

Areas I work with:
• Abuse
• Anger Management
• Anxiety
• Grief And Bereavement
• Depression
• Displacement
• Emotional Abuse
• Identity
• Low Self-Esteem
• Panic Attacks
• Parenting Support
• Phobias
• Relationship Issues
• Stress And Burnout

- New York University, USA (MA Mental Health Counsellor);
- Moscow Gestalt Institute (Gestalt Therapist);
- Certified member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).


Tanya Anpilogova

Key working areas: relationships, self-acceptance and self-esteem issues.


I am a psychologist and a Gestalt counsellor working under professional supervision with such issues as self-esteem, motivation, restoring contact with yourself, improving the quality of your relationships.


Specialising in perinatal counselling, I understand the dimension and complexity of and can help you through parenthood preparation and planning, fertility issues, pregnancy, postpartum, adjustment to parenthood.


I hold degrees from Germany, the US and Singapore and have lived and worked around the globe for many years.  Being an expatriate with a multicultural background, I understand the pleasures and perils that accompany living in a foreign country, and work in a culturally sensitive way.  I can be of help if you want to improve your cross-cultural interactions, experience an identity conflict, struggle to navigate a different culture or to understand your 'third culture kid'.

I work in English and German

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Polina Lihosherstova

As a therapist I try to be open and compassionate. My motivation is to help people to cope with set-backs or who are stuck in one way or another. I strive to live according to my values and in compassion with myself and others.

I make use of psychological methods which have been proved effective scientifically such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), compassion-focused therapy (CFT) and Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT). ACT is about living to your values instead of to your fears. Mindfulness is an important part of this therapy.

I have a Master of Psychology and followed the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy course by the Association of CBT in Moscow, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy course in Association of Contextual Behavioral psychologists “Vkontexte”. I have been a behaviour psychologist since 2019 and business and life coach since 2012. I lived and worked in India, Egypt and Russia.

You can contact me when you feel depressed or anxious, when an inner voice constantly condemns your appearance, actions, behavior, or when it's hard to plan your life and things are constantly postponed.