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The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


Alina Pyasetskaya

I am a CBT psychologist.

I help people who experience fear, anxiety, panic, depression, apathy, procrastination and lack of motivation.
My clients manage to:
1. find the causes of bothering conditions and situations,
2. obtain effective self-help tools,
3. develop new behavioral strategies that help them to cope with their problems.

My clients find inner strength, rise from the bottom and go to a new level of life.
You can contact me if:
* you suffer from panic attacks,
* feel trembling in the arms and legs, palpitations, dizziness and other unpleasant sensations in the body,
* you are struggle with fears and phobias,
* you experience fear that limits you and prevents you from enjoying life,
* you have lost the desire to do something,
* you find it difficult to get up in the morning and fall asleep at night,
* you feel depressed, apathetic and anxious,
* you want to change your life, but don't know how to do it.

I use CBT techniques in my work and find an individual and careful approach to everyone.



Anna Zorina

I’m a fairly “young” psychologist, so I will be extremely attentive to my clients and their problems during our sessions. I would love to help you harmonize relationship with yourself and your partner, decrease anxiety and improve life quality.


Darya Lugovaya

I work as a gestalt therapist and can help you develop your own self-awareness of how you are in the present moment. I work with clients with issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, and some physical concerns. I can also help understanding the role you play in your own unhappiness and discomfort.


Olga Petrova

My three specializations
1) career, motivation, difficulties at work 2) eating behavior, nutrition, relationship with your body and 3) relationship with a partner

I have been working in organizational psychology for 15 years, so I can very confidently offer assistance in the field of career and work. I have also been studying the topic of sports, nutrition and psychology in this area for a long time. I am currently pursuing a degree in Family Therapy. I will be very happy to help you overcome difficulties on any of these issues.

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