The Adriatika project itself: a list of specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for the price of 10 euros per appointment


Alena Belolapotkova

Key work areas: Depression, Separation and relationship termination, Goals and motivations


I work within the multiprofile approach based on transactional analysis. I am constantly learning, expanding my knowledge, and honing my work tools. Each and every client for me is a unique story of a life lived, of feelings, and of joys and changes.


Tanya Anpilogova

I am a psychologist working in the Gestalt modality under professional supervision. I am currently pursuing my master's degree in development psychology and psychopathology and undertaking training in Gestalt therapy.


Key working areas are relationships, self-acceptance and self-esteem issues. Having a multicultural background, I can be of help if you want to improve your cross-cultural interactions or are struggling to navigate a different culture.


I work in English and German.


Ekaterina Zheltova

Psychologist; CBT (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Schema-Therapy

Hi! My name is Katya, and I am a practicing psychologist. But I am also a human being, and as all of us, humans, do, I live a life which is completely ordinary but at the same time unique, full of happiness and disappointment, comedy and drama, excitement and boredom, and all kind of existential experience.

I invite you to embark upon an exciting journey! Together we'll explore your life and your life story so that you feel a bit more free and connected with yourself and others. In doing so we will rely upon the evidence-based approaches in psychology and, of course, on the curiosity and passion for meaning we share as humankind!

I can help you if
- You are experiencing emotional difficulties
- You are having a hard time taking a decision
- You often feel tired
- You are feeling down
- You are anxious or scared
- You are having critical thoughts about yourself
- You suffer from feelings of guilt or shame
- You feel like its hard to control your anger
- You are not sure who you are and what you want
- You are having troubles in relationships with others
- You are not satisfied with your career
- You are feeling burdened

I am LGBTQ+ friendly and in general friendly towards diversity of identities and beliefs. I share feminist values and, due to my previous professional experience in anthropological research, I am sensitive about the social and cultural context and its influence on our psychological processes.

In working with clients, I draw upon the methodology of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Schema-Therapy. I believe that each of these approaches has its own strengths and that they perfectly compliment each other. CBT offers efficient and elegant solutions, ACT helps develop psychological flexibility, schema-therapy helps change the most persistent unhelpful life patterns and be a "good parent" to your "inner child".

I never stop learning and I myself regularly work with a psychologist as I believe it is crucial for a helping practitioner for two reasons: 1) it prevents burnout and keeps me strong enough to be there for my clients; 2) it helps me better understand the client's experience.

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