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Adriatika project itself: list specialists ready to offer 10 consultations for price of 10 euros per appointment


Irina Tikhomirova

I'm a psychologist with more than 5 years experience in private practice. Currently live в Италии.

Graduated from Baltic Federal University named after I.Kant, 2011

Graduated from Moscow Geshtalt Institute, 2018

Ми маємо мої qualifications на Moscow State University, 2019. I work mainly в Gestalt approach, але також за допомогою CBT технологій.


- будівля contact with oneself, finding one's true desires

- guilt, shame, anxiety and fear

-panic attacks

-apathy and depression

-eating disorders

-couple relationship

If you have any questions, send me an email, I will be happy to help


Anna Zorina

I’m a fairly “young” psychologist, so I will be extremely attentive to my clients and their problems during our sessions. I would love to help you harmonize relationship with yourself and your partner, decrease anxiety and improve life quality.

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